Tier One Process

Charge of the Tier One Process (Completed February 2016):

Identify needs for capacity and programming for elementary, middle and high schools.

High School Assumptions:

  • Two high school model.
  • Consider plan for a third comprehensive high school in the future when enrollment projections exceed capacity of current high schools (expanded and renovated Central and Centennial should accommodate up to 3400 students).
  • Athletic fields to be shared and/or located together but not necessarily on site.

Middle School Assumptions:

  • Middle school additions/renovations will be needed to address capacity and programming needs.

Elementary School Assumptions:

  • Three elementary schools, Dr. Howard, International Prep Academy and South Side should have renovated/upgraded facilities to the same standards as our other elementary schools.  

Timeline: January – February, 2016


  • Elementary:  Dr. Susan Zola    
  • Middle School:  Angela Smith
  • High School:  Dr. Laura Taylor 

The facilitators engaged in a series of meetings with the following stakeholders to gain input and feedback: 
High School Principals, High School AD’s, Middle School Principals, Elementary Principals, Special Education Administrator, ESL Administrator, Content Area Chairs, CFT and CESP Representatives, Student Ambassadors, College and Career Coordinator, Secondary Director of Teaching and Learning, Elementary Director of Teaching and Learning, Director of Communications and Community Relations, Capital Projects Supervisor, Parkland College, University of Illinois College of Education, Local Trades



Preliminary Scope of Work for Non-Renovated Elementary Facilities

Elementary Renovation Scope

Middle School

Middle School Scope

Middle School Facility Needs

High School

High School Facility - Preliminary Scope of Work

High School Facility Needs

Enrollment Trends

Enrollment and Capacity Chart


We have created an archive of previous referenda regarding facilities within Unit 4 for future expansions and buildings. This archive is a comprehensive overview of all items regarding this process.